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Product Name: Ceramic Honeycomb


Honeycomb Data sheets for RTO :


Maximum operatting Temperature(℃)1350
Bulk Density (g/m3)2.3-2.6
Compressive strength (Mpa)>15
Thermal shock resistance(times/1100℃)>6


Dimension and other physical performance:

Dimension (mm)Channelwidth of channel (mm)Wall thickness(mm)surface areaopen areaweight


Product Details:

Ceramic Honeycomb


Honeycomb ceramic regenerator are widely used in industrial thermal equipment, energy-saving technologies, the industrial thermal equipment to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase production and improve quality is to solve the energy and environmental issues important and effective means. Honeycomb ceramic regenerator cross-sectional faces are mainly two kinds of square and hexagonal pore structure and pore are mutually parallel straight channel structure. This structure significantly reduces the stomatal resistance to flow through a substantial increase of the regenerator heat transfer efficiency of the single-hole size.

Product Features:
1. reduce the exhaust heat loss, maximize fuel efficiency, reduce unit energy consumption;
2. improve the theoretical combustion temperature, improve combustion conditions to meet the high-temperature thermal equipment, and expand the application of low calorific value fuel, particularly in the application of blast furnace gas, improve the utilization of heat value of fuel;
3. to improve the furnace heat exchange conditions, and improve device yield and product quality, reduce equipment investment;
4. thermal equipment unit to reduce emissions and harmful gas emissions, reducing air pollution, change  Improving the environment.

Product Material:

cordierite, mullite, silicon oxide, corundum mullite, cordierite dense, dense mullite, etc.;

Product Specifications:
Size: 100 × 100 × 100,100 × 150 × 150,150 × 150 × 150,150 × 150 × 300 (mm)
      And so on, can be produced according to customer request size.
Number of holes: 25 × 25,40 × 40,3 × 43,50 × 50,50 × 59, etc.

Pass: square, rectangular, hexagonal, circular, triangular, etc.
      Above can produce various specifications according to customer requirements.


Production Line:

Ceramic Honeycomb


Ceramic Honeycomb

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