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Product Name: Super Intalox Ring


Ceramic intalox saddle ring technical data

Chemical Composition:



Technical  specification

NameSpecificationsDiameter×high ×thickSurface area Void volumeNumber/volumeDrying packing factor 
    mmmm×mm×mm M2/m3%n/m3m-1
Super intalox saddle ring2525x19x32168658300340

Product Details:

Super Intalox Ring

Super Intalox Ring

Super Intalox Ring

Super Intalox Ring


Ceramic Random Packing, Is widely used in the scrubbing tower, dry tower, absorb tower, colling tower, those are used in chemical, metallurgical, gas, oxygen,medicine, acid, fertilizer and so on.

Advantages: excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. it can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acid, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid, and can be used in high or low temperature condition. 


Intalox Ring, Its shape is between the ring and the saddle, and the structure is benefit to distribution of gas-liquid. I t has been applied most extensively

Features: lower pressure drop, big flux, high efficiency.

Application: Crude oil decompression distillation, high vacuum distillation, alkene separation, extractive, distillation

Production Line:

Super Intalox Ring

Super Intalox Ring


Super Intalox Ring

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