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Product Name: Molecular Sieve


The Parameters of Molecular sieves:

ModelBulk Density(g/ml)Water Absorption (%)Wear Ability(%)Application
3A0.60-0.7019-200.3-0.6Drying agent for pyrolysis gas and alkene
4A0.60-0.7020-210.3-0.6Drying agent for natural gas and absorbent for paraffin separation
5A0.60-0.7020-210.3-0.5Dehydration ,desulfurization and purification of air, natural gas and oil, in oxygen making and hydro-gen making by PSA processes
10X0.50-0.6023-240.3-0.6High-pow absorbents for removal of H2O, H2S and CO2,in liquid and gas, as well as for paraffin separation
13X0.55-0.6523-240.3-0.5Dry ,desulfurization and purification for oil and gas

Product Details:

Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve


Molecular sieve got strong absorption, selective absorption. More specification, The molecular sieve is a kind of the aluminosilicate. As there are even pole size and much more specific surface in int. It has much excellent merits;

1, The selective absorption, according to the size and shape of the absorbed molecule, the higher the polarity or unsaturated is, the stronger selective absorption is.

2, It has the selective absorption for the polar of unsaturated molecules, the higher the polarity or unsaturated is, the stronger selective absorption is.

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Molecular Sieve

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