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The difference between all-porcelain and light porcelain

Pulished on Jun. 01, 2019

The difference between all-porcelain and light porcelain:

Today, a natural gas production customer in dandong, liaoning asked me: what is the difference between all-porcelain and light porcelain? At that time, I roughly replied that the customers mainly had different sintering temperatures and materials. The bulk proportion of all porcelain was heavier, so the freight and cost were higher, and the price of all porcelain was higher than that of light porcelain. Some customers asked: all porcelain and light porcelain are one kind of structured porcelain filler, the difference between all porcelain and light porcelain, which is better, all porcelain or light porcelain filler? In view of these problems, I read the book and summarized the differences between the two kinds of packing products:

1. The difference between all-porcelain and light porcelain materials supplied by Ceramic Ball China Supplier is that all-porcelain is sintered at 1270 ℃. The main ingredients of all-porcelain are mainly aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide, accounting for more than 90%.

2. The compressive strength of all porcelain is over 150mpa, while that of light porcelain is only 5mpa;

3. The surface of all-porcelain is rough with good wettability and water absorption rate is less than 1%, while light porcelain has wettability but water absorption rate is up to over 30%. After actual operation, light porcelain is heavier than all-porcelain due to water absorption, and 90% more than all-porcelain due to the same desulfurizer.

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4. Although both all-porcelain and light-porcelain fillers can be separated, all-porcelain can make wide-opening products that cause turbulence of gas-liquid, so as to make the vapor and liquid exchange more complete, ensure the full contact of gas-liquid, extend the time of gas-liquid exchange, and increase the specific surface area. However, the strength of light-porcelain is too low to make wide-opening products that can make turbulence of vapor and liquid;

5. The maintenance of all-porcelain fillers of Ceramic Ball is more convenient than that of light porcelain fillers. Although both of them have better thermal shock resistance and can be cleaned by high-temperature steam, the vapor and liquid in the light porcelain absorber are other chemicals.

Above is jiangxi province pingxiang Deere chemical packing co., LTD. Simple introduction for you the whole porcelain and light porcelain several essentially difference, if you look closely, for all porcelain and light porcelain which good, the in the mind also unveiled, indeed, no matter from the material, compressive strength, bibulous rate, operating flexibility, and the installation, all porcelain does better than light porcelain, but the same specifications, the whole light porcelain porcelain price than the price around 300 the price of every square metre.

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