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Designed Superior Ladder Ring Packing

Pulished on Dec. 24, 2018

Since the stepped ring increases the side end flange, not only the mechanical strength of the packing ring can be increased, but also the axial symmetry of the packing structure is destroyed, thereby increasing the orientation probability when the packing is placed. Moreover, due to the influence of the flanging, the contact of the packing annulus during the accumulation of the filler is mainly changed from the current contact to the point contact. This not only increases the gap of the filler particle quality inspection, but also reduces the resistance of the gas passing through the filler layer, and these contact points can also become the convergence and dispersion point of the liquid flowing along the surface of the filler, thereby promoting the surface renewal of the liquid film, which is beneficial to the surface. The mass transfer efficiency of the filler is improved.

Step ring material

1 Plastic Cascade Ring

The plastic step ring is made of various materials such as PP, PE, PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, etc. It was invented by the British MTL company, so it is also called CMR. These plastic random packings can be operated at temperatures ranging from 60 to 280 degrees Celsius.

1) Performance: large void ratio, reduced pressure, low mass transfer unit height, high flood point, sufficient gas-liquid contact, small specific gravity, and high mass transfer efficiency.

2) Advantages: Strong corrosion resistance, large void ratio, energy saving and environmental protection, low cost, easy loading and unloading.

2 Ceramic Ladder Ring

The ceramic step ring has excellent acid and heat resistance, can withstand the corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents other than hydrofluoric acid, and can be used in high temperature or low temperature environment, so its use range is very widely. The ceramic step ring can be used in drying towers, absorption towers, cooling towers, washing towers in the chemical industry, metallurgical industry, coal and natural gas industry, industrial oxygen production industry, and the like.

Maximum operating temperature: 1200 ° C.

3 Metal Ladder Ring

Metal step ring, the material is mainly carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 304L, 410, 316/316L and so on. Widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and other industries in the packed tower.

Carbon steel fillers are low in cost and have good surface wetting properties, and should be preferred for non-corrosive or low-corrosive systems.


1). Low pressure drop

2) High gas liquid distribution and mass transfer efficiency

3). Pollution resistance, high temperature

4). High mechanical strength, suitable for deeper beds

5). High temperature resistance

Plastic Cascade Ring

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