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What Is The Difference Between All-ceramic Filler And Light Porcelain Filler?

Pulished on Nov. 04, 2018

Recently, some customers have asked us what is the difference between all-ceramic packing and light porcelain packing? It is better to use all-ceramic fillers and light-porcelain fillers. In fact, we understand that all-ceramics and light-ceramics are one type of porcelain. If you want to compare all-ceramics and light-porcelain fillers, then Tower Internals Wholesalers Today, we will briefly introduce the difference between the two finished products.

Light porcelain filler

1. The difference between all-ceramic and light-ceramic materials, all-ceramic is sintered at a temperature of 1270 °C. The main components of the material are mainly aluminum oxide and silica, accounting for more than 90%, while the light porcelain filler is 860-960 degrees of medium temperature sintering, is based on aluminum silicate, sodium silicate, magnesium oxide;

2. The compressive strength of all-ceramics is above 150mpa, while the compressive strength of light porcelain is only 5mpa;

3. All-ceramic surface roughness has good wetting property, water absorption rate is less than 1%, while light porcelain has wettability but water absorption rate is more than 30%. After actual operation, light porcelain is more water-absorbing than all-ceramic Heavy, and in the same desulfurizer light porcelain is more than 90% more than all-ceramic;

4. Although all-ceramic and light-porcelain fillers can be divided, all-ceramics can make large-opening products that make gas and liquid turbulent, make vapor-liquid exchange more fully, ensure full contact of gas and liquid, and prolong gas-liquid exchange time. , increasing the specific surface area, and the light porcelain strength is too low to produce a large open-cell product that can cause turbulence of vapor and liquid;

5. All-ceramic filler maintenance is more convenient than light-porcelain packing. Although both have good thermal shock resistance, they can be purged with high-temperature steam, but the vapor-liquid inside the light-ceramic absorber is other chemicals. When parking, the product is prone to salting out inside the product, causing the product to split and split, resulting in blockage of the packed tower;

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