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Where Is The Ceramic Saddle Ring Packing Available?

Pulished on Jan. 16, 2019

The Ceramic Saddle Ring is designed to make the smooth surface into an uneven corrugated tooth shape, which improves the friction between the filler and other objects. The inside of the product has a small space, and the gas and liquid in the tower are in these shapes. The gap can be circulated normally, the air circulation is increased, the air pressure in the packed tower is reduced, and the mass transfer effect of the product is improved. Make it more conducive to the flow and diffusion of gases and liquids in the packing layer

The ceramic saddle ring has the characteristics of pressure reduction, high mass transfer efficiency, good corrosion resistance, strong acid can not be corroded, can be used at high temperature or low temperature, and can be applied in complex production environments. There will be no deterioration during long-term use;

Ceramic saddle rings are used in two main ranges, but this depends on the different performance requirements actually used. One range is for the chemical and petrochemical industries, and the other is for low-cost applications in low-efficiency exhaust gas treatments such as RTO regenerative incinerators. Especially in the drying tower and absorption tower of sulfuric acid production, the effect is more remarkable.

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