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The Scope Needs To Consider Of Liquid Collection Distributor Design

Pulished on Apr. 04, 2019

The Scope Needs To Consider Of Liquid Collection Distributor Design

Liquid Distributor has been widely used in large collection of chemical industry equipment, the liquid distribution in packed tower and redistribution of good or bad direct influence on the performance of the packing mass transfer, experimental determination showed that reflux distribution impact on the theoretical plate number can be 30%, therefore, the liquid distribution device requires careful design, manufacture and installation is very strict, the design requirements of liquid distributor, liquid distributor design needs to consider the following:

                                 Liquid Distributor

1. A certain distribution point is required and the distribution is even. Efficient corrugated packing requires a uniform initial distribution of liquid. It is reported that 300 spray points per square meter are required for the CY type wire mesh corrugated packing. And should be evenly distributed on the tower section, the liquid flow uniformity is required to be less than 10%, only the initial distribution is uniform, the redistribution of corrugated packing is good, to ensure that the liquid distribution of the entire packing layer is uniform.

2. High elastic range is required (generally up to 2-4), which can adapt to the fluctuation of liquid load.

3. The structure of the liquid distributor shall have the maximum free space in accordance with the air flow, so as to reduce the resistance of the air flow.

4. Good distribution is required.

In general, if the liquid distributor can be designed to take into account the above points, the liquid distribution can be made uniform, less resistance.

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