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Metal Pall Rings&Plastic Pall Rings

Pulished on Mar. 12, 2019

Metal Pall Rings,Plastic Pall Rings

The Plastic Pall Rings have made a major improvement to the Raschig ring. Two rows of window holes with internal tabs are opened on the ring wall. This structure improves the gas-liquid distribution and makes full use of the inner surface of the ring and the Raschig ring. In comparison, the throughput can be increased by more than 50%, and the pressure is reduced by half.

Features: Pall ring packing has the characteristics of low pressure drop, large flux and high efficiency. HYPAK packing has lower pressure drop and higher mass transfer efficiency than similar size PALL rings, and the liquid distribution in the packing layer is good.

Application: Suitable for various separation, absorption, desorption, atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, synthetic amine decarburization, desulfurization systems, ethylbenzene separation, isooctane, toluene separation, etc.

Metal Pall Rings

The Metal Pall Rings packing is made of a thin metal plate, and two rows of openings with inner tongues are opened on the ring wall. Each row of window holes has five tongues, each of which is bent into the ring and points to the center of the ring. It is almost at the center, and the positions of the upper and lower windows are offset from each other. The total area of the openings is about the entire ring. About 35% of the wall area, because the Pall ring packing has many windows on the ring wall, the gas and liquid in the tower can pass freely through the window. At present, the Pall ring packing is one of the main annular packings used.

Metal Pall rings are available in a variety of materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L, etc.

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