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What Is Acid-base Waste Gas Treatment?

Pulished on Mar. 09, 2019

The specific equipment of the acid-base waste gas treatment tower is composed of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, an inlet section, a spray layer, a packing layer, a swirling defogging layer, an outlet cone, and an inspection hole.

The absorption liquid in the acid-base waste gas treatment tower is sprayed at the top of the tower after being pressurized by the water pump at the bottom of the tower, and finally returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust meets emission standards and emission requirements and is lower than national emission standards.

Simple process of acid-base waste gas treatment tower: acid mist exhaust gas → air duct → acid-base exhaust gas treatment tower → fan → air duct → discharge to standard.

The tower body can be made of FRP/PP/PVC and other materials according to the actual situation; the packing adopts high-efficiency and low-resistance Pall Ring , which can completely remove odor and harmful substances in the gas: the Pall ring packing has large flux and resistance Small, high separation efficiency and large operational flexibility, the treatment volume can be more than 50% larger than the Lacy ring under the same pressure reduction. At the same throughput, the pressure drop can be reduced by half and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with the Raschig Ring , the Pall ring packing has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance and large operation flexibility. Under normal circumstances, the treatment can be 50%-100% larger than the Raschig ring, and the pressure drop ratio is also treated. The Raschig ring is 50%-70% smaller, and the tower height is also depressurized. The Pall ring can be used for about 20%-40% of the packing volume of the Lacy ring. Therefore, plastic Pall ring and metal Pall ring packing are the best choice for acid-base exhaust gas treatment towers.

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