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Dier Packing Introduce: Packing Column Of The Fluid Mechanics -- Liquid Capacity

Pulished on Apr. 11, 2019

The liquid holding capacity of the packing column is obviously an important parameter affecting the performance of the column because it affects the pressure drop, the efficiency and the maximum allowable flux, and it also determines the residence time of the liquid at the operating temperature. Therefore, in addition to the pressure drop, the specific liquid holding capacity is the second criterion for choosing tower packing for thermally sensitive materials.

Pall Ring Packing

Many experiments have proved that in the case of less than 70% of the flooding point load, the liquid holdup has little change with the gas load and is only related to the liquid load and the size of the packing. The same size of the packing material has different liquid holdup. For example, in the 50mm Pall Ring Packing, the liquid holding capacity of the Ceramic Packing is greater than that of the Metal Packing and greater than that of the plastic packing under the same liquid loading. For the packing made of customized materials, the liquid holding capacity is only related to the size. The smaller the packing size is, the larger the liquid holding capacity is.

The liquid holdup can also measure the influence of the fluctuation of operating conditions on the column sensitivity. In some cases, this may affect the choice of control instruments for the separation device.

The above is Dier Packing for you to briefly introduce the liquid quantity of discourse, if there is technical advice, welcome to contact us.

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