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Product Name: Plastic Flat Ring


The Parameters of Plastic Flat ring

ModelSizeD*H*δ/mmNo. Per Volumen/m3Specific  Aream2/m3Void Volume%Drying Packing Factorm-1
Dg2525X9X1.0       14800016088287
Dg3838X12.7X1.246000 14090175
Dg5050X17X1.519500        12092140
Dg7676X23X2.5500010084               112

Product Details:

Plastic Flat Ring


Plastic Flat Ring, It is a new product develop Tsinghua University . 

Features: has reasonable flow structure, low pressure drop, high mass transfer performance, strong handling capacity and long life because of good structural  strength 

Application: desulfurization, counter-extraction, wood phenol extraction, phenol wastewater treatment, lubricants furfural refining, crack-gas scrubing tower, acetone recovery tower, gasoline escaping the mercaptane, reduced pressure tower. 

Materials: PP, RPP, PVDF, etc

Production Line:

Plastic Flat Ring

Plastic Flat Ring


Plastic Flat Ring

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