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Product Name: Plastic Liquid Distributor


Tower internals mainly including liquid distributor, packing clamp device, packing support, liquid re-distributor, in and out feeding equipment, gas in and out feeding equipment and demister, etc. Except the main purpose of supporting the  tower packing, another main purpose is making the gas and liquid got higher effect’s contact, make full play to the advantages of the packing tower.

Product Details:

Plastic Liquid Distributor


Tower internals and tower packing constitute a complete packing tower. Tower internals is a part of the tower, and it’s function is making a better contact between the gas and liquid in tower, so to get the maximum production capacity and the best efficiency of the packing tower. So the design of the tower internal directly influence the whole operation of the tower and the performance of the packing. What’s more, the “amplification effect” of the packing tower influenced not only by the packing, but also influenced by the tower internals largely.

Materials: SS304/SS304L/SS316,SS316L, plastic, etc...

Size: Customized

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